2021 Macadoodles Mailbag: 35th Edition

GD: We haven’t heard anything out of hoops workouts because the truth is August through October, football takes up about 99.5% of our time. Hoops just isn’t really on the radar quite yet.

This team is interesting in that I can’t pick out one or two guys that I’m interested to see. I’m interested to see all of them. It’s a brand new team and it’s going to shape whatever the future of Mizzou basketball is. If Cuonzo Martin and his staff were right in their evaluations and hit on most of these guys, this could be a foundational group for Mizzou elevating the program and Martin could be here just about as long as he wants to be. If they missed on most of them, well, you know where that goes. The likelihood is that it’s somewhere in between those two extremes. It will be interesting to see going forward. I feel like this year is the year that fully buries the Kim Anderson era. This is Cuonzo’s program 100% now. And we’ll be able to settle the debate on how well he dug Mizzou out of the hole and what the future looks like over the next 18 months.

GD: I don’t know. DM me your username I guess. The truth is, since I nixed my personal account and only use Twitter through the site account, I can’t remember blocking more than a couple of people. If you were one of them, you’re probably extremely obnoxious on Twitter, but feel free to DM me and we’ll see if we can give it another shot.

GD: Absolutely 1000 percent. The service industry all over is struggling to have enough people to stay open. Restaurants are changing hours because they just don’t have enough people to work. I’m sure that’s even more true for temporary concession stand workers. I understand the frustrations. I hate waiting in lines more than almost any person I know. But it’s not the workers’ faults. And at some point, you just have to decide if the $5 hot dog is worth it to you or not. If I’m going to a game, especially right now, I’m eating before I get there, I’m taking in a couple bottles of water and the only reason I’m waiting in line is to take a leak. But that’s up to every individual. I think it’s going to take some compassion from people and an understanding that when you’re going to a place with 50,000 people, you’re going to have some waits. Especially now when we haven’t been places with that many people in a long time. There’s going to be an adjustment period for people running the show. I get that the game experience is a major factor to some people in determining whether they come back. To me, it’s about the product on the field. If I see a good game and the team I’m there to watch is making progress and looks good, I can live with lines for the concessions and the bathrooms. It might not be ideal, but it’s pretty secondary to why I’m there. That said, I’m sure this rings hollow coming from someone who hasn’t been in the stadium in two years and when I was, I was sitting up in the press box (but trust me, you don’t want any part of coming up for that food. You get it quickly, but it ain’t five-star dining.)

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