2022 Macadoodles Mailbag: 18th Edition

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Every week, PowerMizzou.com publisher Gabe DeArmond answers questions from Tiger fans in the mailbag. This format allows for a more expansive answer than a message board post. Keep your eye out each week to submit your question for the mailbag or send them to powermizzou@gmail.com. On to this week’s inquiries.

TigerWalker2011 asks: Obviously, there is still interest in exploring options for QB next year via the portal. Do you get the sense that there are any other spots that the coaches are definitely keeping an eye open for transfers? I know that good players are good players, and any could get looked at. But any positions where the coaches seems as unsettled as they do under center?

GD: Mitchell Forde wrote about exactly that on Tuesday. There are other places Mizzou could add someone. But none is nearly as important–or apparently as urgent–as quarterback.

zoutiger22 asks: What does a typical work day look like for Gabe in the off-season? How much time each day do you spend patrolling the board/Twitter? Is this your favorite time of the year or does it get boring (typical year no coaching search)? Do you have anything unique coverage wise planned for this football season?

GD: Right now, I’m still waiting for Dennis Gates to finish his roster so I can get to the offseason. Usually, it’s already been underway for three or four weeks. But there’s not really a “typical” day. I do an hour or two of work right when I get up, some combo of writing a story and reading the board. Then I go to the gym and get a couple of things done, come back, check in on the boards and make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’m usually just keeping an eye on things periodically throughout the day in case anything pops up. I’d say the offseason is great for about the first month and then you start to get a little stir crazy and need the action to pick up. At least I do. But the first month or so is fantastic.

As far as this coming football season, that’s going to be planned out and developed over the next couple of weeks.

STL_City_Tiger asks: Assuming the program becomes successful, could you imagine a scenario where instead of paying a (scumbag cheat) coach like Bill Self $5.5 million annually, Mizzou splits the cost (~$3MM to Gates and ~$2.5MM to CY) and retains both coaches and creates a type of co-head coach system (obviously Gates would have final say and both are on board) and splits some of the responsibilities as the demands of being a head coach continue to grow?

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