2022 Macadoodles Mailbag: 37th Edition

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Every week, PowerMizzou.com publisher Gabe DeArmond answers questions from Tiger fans in the mailbag. This format allows for a more expansive answer than a message board post. Keep your eye out each week to submit your question for the mailbag or send them to powermizzou@gmail.com. On to this week’s inquiries.

MIZDSP asks: Could we get to a point where the OL play dictates an in-season coaching change like we saw with the DL last season?

MIZDPT15 asks: What do you know about Marcus Johnson as far as a recruiter at previous stops? Has he, historically, missed on a lot of OL talent, is he more of a developer… what type of coach is he in terms of his personnel group?

GD: Whole lot of offensive line questions this week. I understand why. It’s hardly been the strength of the team so far. As far as Marcus Johnson, Ole Miss tried to hire him away at some point in the last year or two and Mizzou gave him a raise and a title to keep him. I know he was on Jimbo Fisher’s list for the offensive line coach in College Station this offseason as well. He’s been a pretty successful offensive line coach. If you believe in a guy you don’t run him out of town after three bad games. From the outside, people are so quick to blame the position coach and sometimes that’s accurate. But sometimes you just don’t have the horses. Position coaches aren’t taking C talent and making an A team out of it. That isn’t to say Missouri’s offensive line doesn’t need improvement. It clearly does. But the solution every time can’t just be to run the position coach out of town and bring in a new guy. It worked last year on the defensive line, at least to some extent, but it’s not the route to go every time.

MIZ…SEC asks: True or False: As I said over and over, k-state made Mizzou their Super Bowl. Put everything into that game, then fell flat against Tulane. It happens often in sports and don’t you agree that I was absolutely accurate in that assessment for months leading up to the game?True or False: Drink’s Super Bowl is this Saturday against Auburn and Mizzou will be a much better product than we’ve seen to date in a win that will surprise many?

GD: I think there’s some truth to the first one. It doesn’t explain everything. Yes, K-State was more up for the Mizzou game than for the Tulane game without question. Were they more up for that than they’ll be for Oklahoma this week? I doubt it. But it was a big game and K-State had something to prove. Missouri should have too, but didn’t really play that way.

On the second, I think you might see a better product out of Mizzou this week than you have in the first three weeks, but no, I don’t really believe it’s Drink’s Super Bowl. He got his start at Auburn, but he was never in an on-field role. That happened at Arkansas State. He was at Boise just as long as he was at Auburn and at NC State longer. It’s not like he grew up in Alabama or as an Auburn fan. It’s probably the biggest game of the year for Mizzou and it’s on the road at a name brand team and for all those reasons it’s probably easier to get up for than a few others on the schedule. But I don’t really think the fact that Drinkwitz coached there as a quality control guy a decade ago is all that big a factor.

Defiancetiger asks: Since the TE play has been abysmal, if I was the Tigers OC I would play 6 lineman/3 wide outs on running downs and go to 4 wide outs on passing downs. The extra lineman will help in short yardage situations and help in pass protection on play action passes. Given our lack of success in short yardage situations we have to start using play action to freeze the defense. Also the use of the option in short yardage would certainly help

wehrli_22 asks: With the O-line identified as the most problematic position group, how about this … Three tackles on the line of scrimmage, unbalanced line ( G C G T T T ) This enables Drink to get his best run blockers in the game to move the defense. Will it lead the defense to anticipate where we will run? Sure … maybe, until we prove otherwise. After scheme, then Drink can mix up the play calling to keep the defense off balance by moving the pocket and having pass/run options for the QB.

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