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“How This Power Couple Made $400K/Year Cash Flow with One Unique Rental Property Investment”

Amanda and David Fornelli have achieved financial freedom through their successful real estate investments, earning an impressive $400K/year in cash flow. And the best part? They were once real estate rookies, just like many of us. But with determination and a unique rental property investment, they were able to leave their W2 jobs and become full-time investors.

After joining a real estate investing program, Amanda and David started flipping houses in Southern California. Within three months, David was making twice as much from flips as he did at his day job, so he quit and never looked back. They continued to flip houses, but also ventured into the short-term rental market, which proved to be even more profitable.

In this episode, Amanda and David share their journey to financial freedom, including their transition from flipping houses to investing in short-term rentals. They also discuss their decision to invest in high-priced Southern California and their latest venture – a multimillion-dollar boutique hotel that brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit each year.

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and read the full transcript to learn more about their success and how they achieved it. And if you’ve ever considered investing in a hotel, this episode is a must-listen.