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We recently were faced with the decision to list our home on the market.  Real estate in Chesterfield can be tough to stand out amongst other homes listed on the market.  I started researching “aerial photography Chesterfield” and returned only a few results.  Saveeno Real Estate Photography stood out to me, so I decided to inquire.

Real Estate aerial photography is not my strong suit, so I placed a great deal of trust in the people at Saveeno to guide me in the right direction. I discussed some concerns I had regarding the weather since it is Springtime in St. Louis, and we all know that means sunlight is eluding at times.  I was assured that aerial photography can be enhanced and that most customers were pleased with their aerial photography shots taken on overcast days.

Sure enough, on the date I scheduled my appointment for my aerial photography shoot, it was raining.  The photographer confirmed my appointment that morning and stated that as long as he could get a break in the rain, he could easily shoot my home.  After a short wait, I saw the camera take off.  I was shocked at the heights the craft could hover to!  After about 45 minutes, the photog was done and my Chesterfield aerial photography experience was done, too.

My photos turned out amazing!  My agent was pleased with the quality of the aerial photography shots.  She couldn’t get the images added to my online listing fast enough.  If you are looking for aerial photography for any reason, Saveeno is the best choice you could make.

aerial photography Chesterfield

Saveeno was able to lighten my images to make it look like a green, Spring day.  I was so excited about how my photos turned out, I called them to thank them for exceeding my aerial photography expectations.  I asked if they had any other fantastic shots to share with me and got an email shortly after my call with these photos:

aerial photography Forest Park Hospitalaerial photography St. Louis

There was no way they could have known about my inner architecture nerd, but they sure moved to my the top of myfavorite aerial photographer list when I received these shots of the ill-fated Forest Park Hospital in Dogtown.  I’ll forever be able to remember the gorgeous clay roof tops and haunting bell tower for the rest of my days, even when a parking lot stands in its place.

Thank you to Saveeno Real Estate Photography, the best aerial photography in St. Louis!


Find out more about Saveeno’s aerial photography and how they can help you for any aerial photo need!

The market for Ballwin real estate aerial photography and Wildwood real estate aerial photography is ripe for the picking.  These homes need to be showcased in a way that will wow a potential buyer. Brentwood real estate aerial photography could also be lucrative for Saveeno, with the proportion of those homes in tight spaces, aerial photography is a great way to capture their magnificence.

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