Jefferson City, Mo. — Former journalist turned Republican candidate for Congress Mark Alford has won the Republican nomination to replace Vicky Hartzler, who chose to run for Senate instead of re-election in Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District.

Alford came into the race as the biggest outsider, but quickly showed an ability to rapidly generate funds for his campaign. Alford finished second in fundraising behind Boone County connected Taylor Burks.

Alford won a competitive primary with four legitimate candidates, though he was considered the favorite going into primary night.

Alford beat out state Sen. Rick Brattin, R-Cass County, Kalena Bruce — who was backed by Gov. Mike Parson and the Missouri Farm Bureau — as well as veteran and former Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks.

All of the candidates picked their points to go to right-wing talking points, balancing between trying to grab the moderate and far-right vote in the diverse district. For Alford, it was illegal immigration, as he repeatedly supported former President Donald Trump’s infamous border wall on the campaign trail.

Other than his border wall backing, Alford ran on a relatively by-the-book Republican platform with ample money behind it. His message of funding the police, standing as pro-life with “no exceptions,” and opposing gun control was effective and well formulated, if not ground-breaking

Alford’s monetary advantage should see him safely through and into Congress in the general election. He will face Democrat Jack Tatum in the general election, Tatum ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

The district is about as safely Republican as it gets. FiveThirtyEight gives Republicans an overwhelming advantage in the general, with many models showing Republicans getting over 70% of the popular vote in CD 4.

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