Bungie claims it will “not knowingly ever feature AI art submissions” for its weekly Artist of the Week spotlight. Image: Bungie Community Creations

Game studio Bungie spoke out in support of human creatives in a blog post last week after it was revealed that the Destiny 2 developer had unknowingly showcased an AI-generated image during its “Artist of the Week” community highlights (seen via Kotaku).

The image was accused of being created using generative AI by Bungie forum members following the spotlight. The user who posted it didn’t deny the claims, responding that they would remove the image and that they “just thought the picture was really neat.” At the time of writing, the post is still live but can no longer be found on the Community Creations page.

The “Art of the Week” that was picked in the TWAB is confirmed to be generated by an AI. pic.twitter.com/Fwlq5BUNAU


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