$10,000) will support neighborhood groups in their efforts to build capacity and implement neighborhood plans

The City of St. Louis Announces First Recipients of 2024 Neighborhood Transformation Grants

The Community Development Administration (CDA) of St. Louis has announced the first recipients of the 2024 Neighborhood Transformation Grants. These grants aim to promote community-driven development, increase affordable housing, strengthen neighborhood capacity, activate vacant lots, and support the implementation of comprehensive neighborhood plans throughout the city.

“Renovating over 50 vacant homes in neighborhoods such as Old North St. Louis, Dutchtown, Gravois Park, Lewis Place, Carr Square, Penrose, and Tower Grove East will bring new life, energy, and residents to these communities,” stated Mayor Tishaura O. Jones. “These investments will provide families with safe, high-quality, and affordable housing, creating thriving neighborhoods where everyone has the opportunity to live, work, and play. Together, we are building a stronger, safer, and healthier St. Louis.”

The CDA developed these funding opportunities based on community input and an assessment of the city’s unmet needs, as identified in the City’s Economic Justice Index and ARPA Community Needs Survey.

“All four of these new grant programs are breaking new ground for CDA, allowing us to address the needs identified by residents and community stakeholders,” said CDA Executive Director Nahuel Fefer. “From minor repairs to bringing vacant units back into use, to small grants that support quick wins on the ground, these resources empower communities to turn their plans for neighborhood transformation into reality.”

By partnering with non-profit developers and neighborhood groups across the city, and retaining SLACO and FORWARD to administer small grant programs, the CDA will be able to expand its capacity to fund specific, targeted projects identified by stakeholders and residents as catalytic.

Neighborhood Plan Implementation Grants

The CDA is awarding $1,600,000 in Economic Development Sales Tax funding, approved by City voters in 2017, to facilitate the implementation of two adopted neighborhood plans. These plans focus on large-scale, transformative projects that will leverage additional funds to maximize impact. The recipients are:

Cornerstone for Goodfellow & Maple and Hodiamont Tracks Park Improvements
Award Amount: $800,000
Project: Park improvements to enhance community spaces and connectivity, fostering a sense of place and encouraging community engagement on the future Hodiamont Greenway. Development of community amenities at the key intersection of Maple and Goodfellow.
Funding Source: Economic Development Sales Tax
St. Louis Art Place Initiative in Gravois Park
Award Amount: $800,000
Project: Neighborhood connections like interblock greenways and beautification efforts to foster a vibrant and engaged community through art installations and community-driven projects.
Funding Source: Economic Development Sales Tax

Neighborhood Capacity Building Grants Administration

This small grant program, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, will support neighborhood groups in their efforts to build capacity and implement neighborhood plans.