City Commons St. Louis Aerial View

The Rebranding of the City

Odds are, you’ve strolled through the vibrant streets of City Commons.

Maybe you caught a game at CityPark, the beloved home turf of St. Louis City SC. Or perhaps you relaxed with a cold brew at the nearby Schlafly Tap Room or savored a cup of tea at the charming London Tea Room. And if you call The Victor or The Draper home, nestled in the heart of downtown, you’re already part of the fabric of City Commons.

But here’s the twist: until recently, City Commons was merely a whisper, a notion waiting to blossom. It took a visionary consortium of developers to breathe life into this emerging neighborhood.

Their vision? Transform City Commons into a thriving district, a bustling epicenter pulsating around the magnetism of CityPark, which burst onto the scene in late 2022.

With a staggering $1 billion pouring into new developments and plans taking shape around the $460 million soccer stadium, these developers are seizing the moment, harnessing the area’s momentum to carve out a distinct identity. Picture it: a vibrant enclave revolving around City SC’s stadium, now in its electrifying second MLS season.

“In St. Louis, folks love to anchor their destinations with a neighborhood brand,” explains Jassen Johnson, a local developer driving this transformation. “Sure, saying you’re downtown could mean anywhere. But mention City Commons, Lafayette Square, or Central West End, and you’ve instantly pinned down the spot. That’s the magic for St. Louisans.”

The blueprint for City Commons isn’t merely about erecting buildings; it’s about crafting a narrative, a narrative that beckons people to live, work, and play in this burgeoning locale. Guided by successful models both within and beyond St. Louis, the developers are dissecting data to discern the precise blend of amenities to entice newcomers.

“We’re painting a picture of where the district stands today, where it’s headed next year, and where we envision it in the next five years,” Johnson reveals. “We’re curating this district based on real insights, not just throwing in another barbecue joint or coffee shop.”

The Birth of City Commons

Behind the scenes, a cadre of about seven developers, along with a representative from the soccer team, has been toiling for over 18 months to shape the contours of City Commons. Their brainchild isn’t merely a neighborhood—it’s a district, meticulously crafted to harmonize with the city’s fabric.

Defining the boundaries of City Commons—a swath spanning from 17th Street to North Beaumont Street, and from Market Street to Washington Avenue—was just the beginning. Key players like Gary Prosterman of Development Services Group and Matt Masiel of Screaming Eagle Development rallied behind this vision, infusing their expertise into the project.

This isn’t a one-developer show; it’s a collective effort aimed at fostering synergy among diverse projects. As Johnson emphasizes, “City Commons belongs to all of us, each developer working towards a shared vision.”

Unveiling the Future

With projects in various stages of development and prime properties up for grabs, the canvas of City Commons is vast and ripe with potential. Take, for instance, the recent sale of four city blocks, signaling a new chapter in the area’s evolution.

To ignite the renaissance, a Chicago-based firm was enlisted to craft a branding package, complete with a sleek logo and a palette reflecting the area’s youthful, inclusive spirit. Thus, City Commons was born—a name embodying the essence of a communal gathering place.

As the veil lifts on City Commons, anticipation swells. A dedicated website is on the horizon, banners set to flutter in the breeze, heralding a new dawn for this burgeoning district.

But this metamorphosis isn’t just about erecting buildings; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging, a shared identity that transcends mere geography. City Commons isn’t just a place—it’s a promise of vitality, a testament to the collective spirit of St. Louis.

In the end, City Commons isn’t merely a destination; it’s a journey—one that invites us all to partake in its unfolding narrative.