St. Louis Metro News – Building Division Assures LGBTQ Bar Owners of No Threat to Condemn Property

On the morning after a St. Louis police SUV crashed into Bar:PM, a popular LGBTQ bar, Building Commissioner Frank Oswald personally visited the site to reassure the owners that the city has no intention of condemning their property or shutting down the bar. This comes after the owners went public with a letter from the Building Division that they interpreted as a threat to condemn the building due to the damage caused by the crash.

The letter, which cited various violations and scheduled a re-inspection for February 19, was seen by the owners as a warning to complete repairs within 60 days. However, Oswald clarified in a hand-delivered letter that the previous communication was not meant as a threat, but rather to inform the owners of the ordinance codes and permit requirements for repairs, as well as their right to appeal the notice of violation.

In addition to delivering the letter, Oswald also had a productive conversation with the building owners. The incident gained national attention not only because of the crash, but also because the bar’s co-owner, Chad Morris, was taken into custody and charged with assault. Morris spent a day and a half in jail before his charge was downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor. He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

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