Our tale of Captain Andy – St. Louis’ Best Comedy Hypnotist

comedy hypnotist

The horn sounded, the smokestack chugged, we boarded the Megayacht and set sail.

Comedy hypnotist Capt. Andy commandeered the ship with his crew of 21 and took us to the Island of Jamaica.  Intoxicating aromas filled the air and reggae music hummed in the background.  The comedy hypnotist act was a show for the audience, but for the participants aboard Captain Andy’s Megayacht had no knowledge of a comedy hypnotist show.  They were busy doing Jamaican dance hall moves.

The next stop on the trip was the romantic city of Paris, France.  While the audience was busy laughing at comedy hypnotist Captain Andy, we were sipping champagne at a cafe on the Champs Elysee.  Comedy hypnotist? Mais, non.  We were too busy enjoying our shopping trip in Louis Vuitton after enjoying a croissant.

Captain Andy the comedy hypnotist then steered the Megayacht south of the equator.  Our vessel was headed for Brazil just in time for Carnival.  If you happened to stumble into the show, you may not believe it was a comedy hypnotist show.  Ladies danced in Carnival gear complete with headdresses and paraded down the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

If you are longing for trip to a foreign land, but don’t have the means for travel, lodging and entertainment.  Consider boarding Captain Andy’s cruise during his comedy hypnotist show.  The destination possibilities are endless.  The Megayacht can take you to Tokyo for sushi and have you down to the South Pole for ice fishing so you can make your own.  If you are interested in going Around the World without leaving St. Louis, let Captain Andy take you for a ride.  His comedy show is entertaining and memorable.  You will never experience anything else like his comedy hypnotist act.  If so, you can throw us overboard.

Captain Andy the comedy hypnotist would be a great addition to your next gathering or corporate event!