The Schneider Pulse smart electrical panel, one component of this system. Image: Schneider Electric

I don’t know if Schneider Electric will be the one to crack it, but I like what it’s promising here at CES 2023 — a smart home where the electrical circuits themselves are smart enough to keep your house powered, save on your energy bill, manage solar, and charge electric vehicles, all through a single app.

Schneider Electric isn’t a household name, but there’s a good chance you’ve got one of its Square D circuit breakers in your home — the company says four in 10 US households already do. Today, it’s announcing an ecosystem of gadgets that won’t be hidden inside your walls, including:

an entire smart main electrical panel called the Schneider Pulse that can control its own relays and acts as the brains
a 7.6kW inverter large enough…

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