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custom cakes in st louisFrom a simple Happy Anniversary cake to a Custom 3D cake with two precious baby bums poking up for a set of twins first birthday, Knodel’s Bakery has you covered with custom cakes in St Louis and surrounding areas.

One of the oldest gems in north St. Louis Knodel’s Bakery stands at 6621 W. Florissant Rd. Smack in the middle of Goodfellow Blvd & Jennings St. Rd. Knodel’s Bakery has been around longer then any other baker in St. Louis. Founded in 1901 by Karl Knodel. The original bakery was located at 14th street and BentonAve.

Karl retired in 1930 and the bakery was taken over by his son, Sydney, who opened a bakery on West
Florissant Ave. in Jennings. He sold wedding cakes and special occasion cakes and custom cakes in st louis decorated by Julia Youngerman who had been trained by Karl as a wedding cake decorator.

Going on the fifth generation of decorators Knodels Bakery is still running strong. Coming a long way over the years the bakery business has change a lot of focus is going into custom cakes in st louis. The creativity that goes into custom cakes is a work of art. It truly takes someone inspired by what they do.

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