The Ups and Downs of Life’s Best Moments  The Top Five Moments for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2023

As the 2023 season for the St. Louis Cardinals comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the top five moments that defined the year. From unexpected call-ups to controversial trades, here are the moments that will be remembered for years to come.

Jordan Walker Makes the Team

Heading into spring training, the Cardinals advertised a competition for playing time in the outfield. However, it quickly became clear that the competition was engineered for one player to win: Jordan Walker. From the first game, he was grouped with the big leaguers and despite a position change, it was clear that he would break camp with the team. While he did have a brief stint in the minors, Walker became a fixture in the lineup and a promising sign for the team’s future.

Tyler O’Neill Gets Called Out

In April, outfielder Tyler O’Neill found himself in hot water after a perceived lack of hustle on the field. This incident, along with a string of injuries, ultimately led to his trade to the Boston Red Sox. What was most notable about this moment was not the call-out itself, but rather the fact that it happened so early in the season. It set the tone for the tumultuous year to come.

Three Pitchers Are Traded on a Sunday

In an unexpected move, the Cardinals front office promised a trade deadline sell-off. And they delivered on that promise, making two deals and sending out three players in one game. This move signaled a shift in the team’s strategy and set the stage for a busy offseason.

The Team’s Horrible Start

The Cardinals got off to a rough start in the 2023 season, which played a role in Walker’s brief stint in the minors. However, this rough patch also served as a turning point for the team. It forced them to make changes and ultimately led to a stronger second half of the season.

Oliver Marmol Takes Over as Manager

After the departure of longtime manager Mike Shildt, Oliver Marmol took over as the Cardinals’ skipper. While the team’s performance was not what fans had hoped for, Marmol’s leadership and decision-making were a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing year. As the team looks towards the future, Marmol’s role as manager will be a defining moment for the 2023 season.