Former Cy Young Award Winners Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer Still Up for Grabs in MLB Free Agent Market

The MLB free agent market is heating up with two big names still available: Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer, both former Cy Young Award winners. Fans and teams alike are eagerly waiting to see where these talented pitchers will end up.

Bauer’s Interest in the Cardinals

In a recent interview, Bauer expressed his interest in playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, saying he “would love to” join the team. However, despite his interest, the Cardinals have yet to make him an offer.

Fans and analysts are buzzing with speculation about where Bauer will end up, with many hoping it will be with the Cardinals. But for now, it remains to be seen if St. Louis will make a move for the star pitcher.

Snell’s Future Uncertain

Meanwhile, Snell’s future is also uncertain as he remains a free agent. The left-handed pitcher had a strong season with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2020, but was traded to the San Diego Padres in the offseason.

However, the Padres have since traded for another top pitcher, Yu Darvish, leading to speculation that Snell could be on the move again. With his impressive track record, Snell is sure to have plenty of suitors in the free agent market.

Fans and teams alike are eagerly waiting to see where these two former Cy Young Award winners will end up. Will Bauer join the Cardinals or will Snell find a new home? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: these pitchers will make a big impact wherever they go.  -Engaging:

Spring Training is just around the corner for the St. Louis Cardinals, and while they seem satisfied with their revamped starting rotation, there may still be room for improvement. Two former Cy Young Award winners, Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer, are still available in the MLB free agent market, and Bauer has expressed interest in playing for the Cardinals.

Bauer, who won the Cy Young in 2020 with the Cincinnati Reds, has had a tumultuous year, including a legal dispute in which he was accused of sexual assault. However, the dispute was settled and he was never charged with a crime. Despite this, Major League Baseball issued him a two-year suspension and the Los Angeles Dodgers released him from his contract.

After pitching for the Yokohama Bay Stars in Japan last year, Bauer is now reportedly willing to pitch for the MLB league minimum with incentives. One Cardinals fan even reached out to him on social media, encouraging him to join the team. Bauer responded, saying he would love to play for the Cardinals, but they have not offered him a contract.

The Cardinals have already signed three former All-Stars to their rotation, and it seems Miles Mikolas and Steven Matz will round out the starting five, if healthy. Cardinals executive John Mozeliak has expressed satisfaction with the current state of the rotation and does not anticipate making any more moves in that area.

However, the Cardinals do have some young pitchers who could step in if needed, including Matthew Liberatore, Drew Rom, and Zack Thompson. As the team looks to bounce back from a disappointing season, the addition of Bauer could bring intrigue and talent, but also raises questions about how he would fit in with the team’s culture.