Graham Toker’s Experience with Good Day Farm’s Exotic Weed

When it comes to reviewing weed, I usually browse through shop menus and pick something that I think consumers would like to try. However, this time, the weed chose me. My editor forwarded an email from Good Day Farm, a company that was touting its new lineup of exotic weed in Missouri. I had never tried their products before, but I had heard good things about their quality. Two of my friends had also mentioned enjoying their products, so I decided to give them a try.

I headed to the Loop location of Good Day Farm (6662 Delmar Boulevard, 314-530-7931,, which was formerly known as Jane Dispensary. The windows were covered and reached up to the high ceiling of the lobby. After the usual ID check, I made my way to the back of the store. There was a long bar filled with products, and a glass box on the opposite side. Ropes were set up for a line of people in between. My budtender greeted me and we started discussing what I wanted to purchase. However, I was quickly interrupted and offered a $50 quarter ounce of popcorn buds from another grower. I declined and expressed my interest in trying Good Day Farm’s products. The budtender then showed me four different strains and recommended the Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy, a name I had not heard before. “I’m a big fan of this one, man,” they said. “It smokes really smooth.” I trusted their recommendation and made the purchase, which also included a one-gram preroll for only a penny.

After discounts for being a first-time customer, the preroll, and the recreational tax (even though I presented my medical marijuana card), the total for 3.5 grams of flower and a one-gram preroll came to $53.

The flower, as the name suggests, is a cross between Banana Cream Cake and Jealousy, a newcomer that was named the 2022 Leafly Strain of the Year. The genetic makeup is a mix of sweeter-leaning cultivars from Jealousy (Sherbert Bx1 crossed with Gelato 41) and gassy, funky strains from Banana Cream Cake (Wedding Cake crossed with Monkey Banana). The color of the flower is not prominently light green, dark green, or purple. It reminded me of the sepia tone used to indicate that a film or TV show is set in the past.

I rolled the first two joints to accompany my dog walks. I used Handwraps King Sized rice papers and made sure to roll them generously. As I walked around my neighborhood, I didn’t notice much of an oil ring forming on either joint. The inhale and exhale were smooth and enjoyable, and the effects were cerebral and body-focused. I found myself more engaged and curious about my surroundings, making my dog walks more enjoyable.

Overall, my experience with Good Day Farm’s exotic weed was positive. The budtender was knowledgeable and helpful, and the product itself was of high quality. I would definitely recommend giving their products a try.