For a new Pixel, Google has some new ringtones. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Google is adding a new section to its Pixel-only Sounds app, with a collection of new ringtones and alarm sounds that it calls “Gems.” As first spotted by 9to5Google, the Gems collection includes 26 new sounds in all, with names like “Prism,” “Ethereal Vibration,” and “Mineral Chimez.” They’ve been rolling out alongside the launch of Android 14 and the new Pixel phones hitting stores this week.

Like the new ringtones in iOS 17, Google’s new sounds are distinctly higher res than your average ringtone. These companies are leaning away from the simple, retro-sounding tones of old and into much richer, fuller sounds that might also be at home in a video game soundtrack or as a loop in Ableton.

There are lots of vibes to choose from here….

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