15-Year-Old Facing Assault Charges to Appear in Court for Certification Hearing

A date has been set for the certification hearing of Maurnice DeClue, the 15-year-old who gained notoriety after a video of her assaulting another teenager went viral last month. The hearing, presided over by St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge Jason Dodson, is expected to last half a day on May 10. Dodson will then make a judgment within seven days.

The timeline for the case was established at a status conference today, where DeClue’s parents and relatives of the victim, Kaylee Gain, were present. The two parties sat on opposite sides of the courtroom and left 15 minutes apart after the hearing.

If DeClue is certified as an adult, her case will be handled by the St. Louis County Circuit Court and prosecuted by Wesley Bell’s office. If not, the case will remain in juvenile court and be largely kept out of the public eye.

Before the May 10 hearing, the juvenile court will conduct “social work-type” interviews with DeClue to gather information about her family and personal history. The findings will be presented to Dodson, who will then decide the next steps for the case.

DeClue’s attorney, Greg Smith, has stated that he will oppose her certification as an adult. After today’s hearing, Smith reported that DeClue is in good spirits, but being in detention is not easy for her.

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