“Success comes at a price,” thought Ryan Haywood as he heard the words that would change his life. His boss had just announced a “sales haircut,” a term that sent shivers down the spines of those in the industry. Ryan, a Missouri native, couldn’t believe that his hard work and success were being penalized. He had already endured long hours, after-hours calls from his boss, and poor management, but this pay cut was the final straw.

Little did Ryan know, this setback would lead him and his wife Megan down a path towards their dream future. His story is not just a testament to his determination to build wealth on his own terms, but also a source of valuable insights for any investor.

It was the end of 2019, and Ryan and Megan were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their third child. However, instead of joy and anticipation, uncertainty loomed over them. Despite the promising nature of his job in the fiber optics industry, Ryan was yearning for change. The lack of job satisfaction and stability in his high-paying position left him in a dilemma.

To make matters worse, his company had just slashed a significant portion of his pay because he was making too many sales. Ryan knew he needed a change, but he wasn’t sure what that change would be.

Shortly after receiving this news, Megan gave birth to their third child, and Ryan was on paternity leave. With some extra time on his hands, he knew he couldn’t go back to the toxic workplace of his 9 to 5 job. It was during this time that Megan stumbled upon a 30-day wholesaling challenge on Instagram and suggested it to Ryan.

Although they had dabbled in real estate investing before with a few rental properties, they hadn’t given it much attention. At first, Ryan was hesitant about the idea of wholesaling and thought the “30-day challenge on social media” was just a gimmick. But with some persistence from Megan, he decided to give it a try.

Little did he know, this challenge would not only teach him the fundamentals of wholesaling but also ignite a passion for real estate that he never knew he had. Despite his initial reluctance, Ryan dove headfirst into the challenge, determined to win by securing his first wholesale deal within 30 days.

This involved driving around to find distressed properties, reaching out to homeowners (in Ryan’s case, through direct mail), and negotiating a purchase contract with the seller. And to his surprise, he succeeded.

This experience not only opened Ryan’s eyes to the potential of real estate investing but also showed him that he could build a successful business on his own terms. With this newfound passion and determination, Ryan and Megan began their journey towards building a truly successful real estate company, one that would provide stability and fulfillment for their family.