he show. And the second is that they don’t have a clear path to building wealth. They don’t have a clear path to making money. And so, Paco’s going to talk about how to overcome both of those things in today’s episode. Mindy:So, if you’re a creative or freelancer or just someone who wants to make money doing what you love, this episode is for you. So, let’s dive in.

How Creatives Can Achieve Financial Success: Insights from Business Owner, Musician, and Author Paco de Leon

In the world of financial independence, the focus is often on owning businesses or having stable jobs and working tirelessly to make every extra dollar count. People throw their money into the stock market or real estate, hoping that the economy will lead them to greater levels of wealth. But what about those who aren’t chasing every dollar or dedicating their lives to the pursuit of passive income? Can creatives, musicians, writers, or anyone wondering how to make money as an artist still achieve financial independence?

Today, we’re talking to Paco de Leon, a business owner, musician, podcast host, and author of Finance for the People: Getting a Grip on Your Finances. Paco’s world revolves around working with other creatives who rarely speak or think about money. She helps them connect their creative work with cash flow so they can continue doing what they love while building wealth for the future.

Paco understands that the system we live in isn’t perfect, but she also recognizes that simply not participating isn’t an option. So, she serves as a voice for those who want to make a difference in the world, go against the grain, or prioritize people over profit. In today’s episode, she’ll share the common money mistakes that most creatives make, which can end up hurting them in the long run. She’ll also explain why making money and building wealth is something that anyone can accomplish, regardless of their life’s passion.

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Hosts Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench welcome Paco de Leon, author of Finance for the People and host of the podcast, Weird Finance, to the BiggerPockets Money podcast. Paco’s work focuses on helping artists, creatives, and freelancers achieve financial success. In this episode, she shares her insights and tips on how creatives can overcome limiting beliefs and build new practices to reach financial independence.

Paco discusses the mindset shift that creatives need to make in order to achieve financial success. This episode is not just for people who view themselves as creatives, but also for anyone who is a freelancer or does not want to follow the traditional 9-5 work model. Paco’s advice is valuable for anyone who has limiting beliefs around money that have held them back from achieving their financial goals.

So, if you’re a creative, freelancer, or someone who wants to make money doing what you love, this episode is for you. Tune in to learn how you can achieve financial success and live life on your own terms.