Cardinals Make History with Back-to-Back Wins by Five and Six Runs Against Nationals

In a rare occurrence for this year’s team, the Cardinals secured victories on Sunday and Monday against the Nationals by five and six runs, respectively. This is a significant feat for a team that has been known for their close, nail-biting wins throughout the season. In fact, historical data shows that this trend has been consistent for over a century, with the Cardinals winning at a much higher rate in close games.

Out of the 48 wins the Cardinals have achieved so far this season, an impressive 38 of them, or 79.2%, have been by three or fewer runs. This statistic speaks to the team’s ability to perform under pressure and come out on top in tight games. A prime example of this was after their 9-4 victory against the Giants on June 22, where the Cardinals went on to win their next eight games by three or fewer runs.

This trend not only showcases the Cardinals’ resilience and determination, but it also sets them apart from other teams in the league. With a history of consistently winning close games, the Cardinals have solidified their reputation as a formidable opponent on the field. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if they can maintain this impressive record and continue to make history.  

Cardinals’ Rare Winning Streak: Consecutive Wins by More Than Three Runs

The Cardinals have been known for their nail-biting, close wins this season, but their recent back-to-back victories against the Nationals by five and six runs respectively have been a rare occurrence for the team. In fact, it has only happened once before this year.

Historically High Percentage of Close Wins

Out of the Cardinals’ 48 wins so far this season, a staggering 79.2% have been decided by three or fewer runs. This is the highest percentage for any Cardinals team since 1920. In fact, the team has only had a close-win percentage above 70% twice in the past 20 years.

Close Games Still Dominant

Even when looking at both wins and losses by three or fewer runs, this year’s Cardinals team stands out. 70% of their first 90 games have been decided by three or fewer runs, which is still a high percentage compared to previous seasons.

Success in One-Run Games

The Cardinals have also been successful in one-run games, with a record of 17-12 so far this season. This is a significant improvement from last year’s record of 9-19 at this point in the season. This success can be attributed to a strong bullpen and clutch performances from the team.

What Does This Mean for the Rest of the Season?

It’s difficult to predict the outcome of the rest of the season based on the team’s close-win record. Teams with negative run differentials, like the Cardinals, don’t typically make it to the playoffs. However, columnist Ben Frederickson suggests that the team’s recent improvement may be a result of their ability to dig themselves out of an early deficit. As the team regains healthy players, they may be able to score more runs and win by larger margins. Only time will tell how this trend will continue for the Cardinals.