AARON CHILDSPurple #43: A Stunning Creation from Local Cannabis

In my latest exploration of the Missouri recreational market, I had the pleasure of trying Purple #43, a strain from the highly regarded Local Cannabis. This was my fourth encounter with Local’s offerings, and each time, I have been consistently impressed by the quality and experience. Purple #43, with its violet hues, splashes of forest green, and a frosty layer of trichomes, was no exception.

The intriguing aspect of my journey with Local began with Orange #43, a key ancestor of Purple #43. The two strains share the number 43 in their names due to their intertwined lineage. Purple #43, a sativa-leaning hybrid, is the offspring of the distinguished Orange #43 and Ice Cream Cake. After speaking with Tyler Pugh, Local’s chief operating officer, I learned some details about Purple #43 that truly set it apart.

Pugh informed me that Purple #43’s unique blend of terpenes produces a variety of scents, combining notes of citrus, fuel, and cream. This strain is particularly known for its intense resin and oil production, leading to potent and long-lasting effects. Pugh also mentioned that despite its indica roots, Purple #43 primarily exhibits sativa-like characteristics.

I came across Purple #43 in the context of the latest Connoisseur Pack, which had a citrus theme. For those unfamiliar, the pack is a blind-taste-test competition where patients sample unbranded strains from local producers, and the highest-rated strain wins the championship belt. This approach ensures an impartial tasting experience, with strains rated on aroma, flavor, freshness, smoothness, and overall effects.

I purchased the Connoisseur Pack from Greenlight Dispensary in Ferguson for a post-tax price of $121.54. The pack included four eighths of various strains, with Purple #43 standing out thanks to its purple hues. The buds themselves were a visual delight – predominantly purple with splashes of forest green, covered in a frosty layer of trichomes that seemed to capture light and attention equally.

Upon opening the jar, a unique aroma greeted me, distinctly different from recent strains I’ve encountered. In line with the citrus theme, it offered a tangy, almost sour scent with subtle diesel notes – intriguing and inviting in equal measure.

For the inaugural trial, I enlisted the help of a friend, and together we braved the cold to light up a joint rolled with about two grams of Purple #43. The flavor mirrored the aroma – a tangy, diesel-infused smoke that was surprisingly smooth on the draw. Impressively, even a substantial rip didn’t cause either of us to start coughing. However, my friend, with a lower tolerance, tapped out before we hit the halfway mark – not because of the freezing weather, but because of the potency of the strain.

By the time I reached the midpoint, I too felt a profound level of medication, which is unusual for even my typical solo sessions with a joint. This was a clear indication that Purple #43 packs a punch.