H1 M.A.R.U.: The Otherworldly Music Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

H3 Meet the Band Behind the Glowing Neon Frogs

M.A.R.U. (Mobile Alien Research Unit) is a St. Louis band that offers listeners a spiritual journey through existentialism, space rock jams, and frogs. The band, consisting of Michael Quintero, Steve Lewis, and Ryan Koster, was formed in 2021 with the goal of creating an immersive music experience for their audience.

H3 A Diverse Group of Musicians

Quintero, the lead guitarist and songwriter, is also a music professor at St. Louis Community College. Lewis, the drummer, is a public defender, and Koster, the do-it-all musician, is a graphic designer. But it’s outside of their day jobs where they truly let their creativity shine and rock out.

H3 A Multicultural Influence

Quintero, who was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and Mexican American father, draws inspiration from his immigrant experience in the band’s music. The band’s mascot, a glowing neon frog, represents Quintero’s diverse identities and experiences. The frogs are a prominent feature in every performance.

H3 A Fusion of Cultures

Lewis, a percussion specialist, incorporates African and Middle Eastern rhythms into the band’s music, adding a unique “world beat” element to their sound. Koster, who plays bass, synth, Theremin, and Vox, brings a strong musical focus to the band.

H3 A Message for All

While the band’s alien concept may speak to the immigrant experience, Quintero hopes their music reaches beyond that and resonates with everyone. In the midst of a COVID-shattered world, the idea of being an alien on this planet is something we can all relate to. M.A.R.U. began as an art installation during the pandemic, and their songs touch on themes of Buddhist existentialism, autobiography, and protest.

H3 A Unique Take on Space Rock

Inspired by 1960s psychedelic rock musicians like Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles, M.A.R.U. adds their own improvisatory twist to the genre. Their music is a fusion of different influences and experiences, creating a one-of-a-kind space rock sound that will transport you to another world. Don’t miss out on the otherworldly music experience that is M.A.R.U. and their signature frogs.