God bless Mark Hamill and his willingness to still say this after nearly 50 years. | Image: State Department / Screenshot

The first thing we see is the planet Earth, floating in space like the beautiful marble it is before plunging through a wormhole and racing across space. We emerge in a well-lit California living room in front of an older man with a graying goatee and a familiar voice.

“Hello, I’m Mark Hamill,” he says. “The guy who played ‘Luke’ in all those Star Wars movies.”

As if we needed to be reminded. Hamill is lending his famous face and voice to the US State Department for a series of videos about — what else? — space. The six-part series, which is now live on the State Department’s website, touches on a variety of space innovations, such as microbes, astronauts staying fit in space, maintaining muscle mass, advancing robots that track…

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