COURTESY SPILT MILK CAFESpilt Milk Cafe owner Phoebe Cuevas has had a dream of opening her own coffee shop since she was just eight years old. In March, her dream will become a reality with the launch of her mobile coffee bar, The Spilt Milk Café. The coffee cart will be making appearances at farmers’ markets throughout St. Louis and will also be available for private events. Cuevas sees this as just the first step towards eventually opening a brick-and-mortar cafe.

Before pursuing her passion for coffee, Cuevas worked as a graphic designer and had the opportunity to work on branding for various coffee and tea companies. However, two years ago, she decided to leave her job and become a barista, a dream she had held onto since she was younger. She gained her barista certification from the American Coffee Association and even participated in barista competitions. Currently, she is managing a coffee shop in Belleville while also preparing for the launch of The Spilt Milk Café.

Cuevas is excited to share her love for coffee with others through her mobile coffee bar. The menu will feature a variety of espresso drinks, including some with a Mexican twist, such as cafe de olla. Cuevas’ father is Mexican, and she spent most of her childhood and teenage years in Mexico, where she developed a love for coffee. In fact, she has a journal entry from when she was eight years old expressing her excitement for turning ten so she could finally drink coffee and get one step closer to owning her own coffee shop.

In addition to traditional espresso drinks, The Spilt Milk Café will also offer seasonal beverages, including coffee and tea-based drinks, as well as a hot cocoa with a hint of chili powder for the winter months. Cuevas is also known for her horchata, which she has been perfecting since her time living in Mexico.

Cuevas is currently exploring partnerships with local roasters for her coffee beans, and she also makes her own syrups. These syrups will change with the seasons and include flavors like lavender, brown sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate. She also has a popular peanut butter and jelly syrup that she created while working at a previous cafe.

Aside from her love for coffee, Cuevas is also a talented baker and plans to incorporate some of her baked goods into the menu at The Spilt Milk Café. With her passion for coffee and her creative touch, Cuevas is sure to make The Spilt Milk Café a success.