Valentina Gomez is a resident of St. Louis and an employee at Nestle Purina. She recently gained attention on social media after posting a video of herself burning two library books with queer themes outside of the Springfield-Greene County library. Gomez is a candidate for Missouri Secretary of State and has been using inflammatory language and actions to gain attention for her campaign.

In the video, Gomez can be seen using a homemade flamethrower to burn the books, while wearing a tactical vest and holding a rifle. She also posted a video on X (previously Twitter) of herself firing a crossbow at a printer with a piece of paper taped to it that said “printing votes x87 million.” She has been censored and deleted for the video on Instagram.

Gomez’s campaign platform includes promises to remove all electronic voting machines and to end diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in libraries. She also expresses her beliefs about the transgender community and claims that there are only two genders. She has also made derogatory comments about immigrants and the Black community.

Gomez’s website, Linked-In, and social media platforms show that she is 24 years old and works in finance and strategy at Nestlé Purina. She prides herself on her “MAGA” and “America First” mentality. Purina has not responded to inquiries about whether Gomez’s actions will have any professional repercussions.

Gomez’s use of the term “grooming” in her post is a historically derogatory term used to demean the LGBTQ+ community and perpetuate false stereotypes. It promotes the narrative that queer people try to “recruit” children. While this type of rhetoric may be common among conservative politicians, it is unusual for someone living in Benton Park, where Gomez owns a home.

In addition to her hateful rhetoric, Gomez has also made baseless claims about Cori Bush, DA candidate Fani Willis from Georgia, and New York Attorney General Letitia James, stating that they should “unite their Black cards to get away with crime.”

Despite running on a conservative platform, Gomez also claims to be against the current Republican leadership in Missouri, stating that they have been “purchased” and need to be removed from office.