An image of the new folding phone. | Image: OnePlus / Oppo

OnePlus and Oppo are releasing the same foldable phone under different names, OnePlus confirmed in an announcement emailed to The Verge today. The company says that Oppo chief product officer Peter Lau, who co-founded OnePlus, directed teams at both companies to develop the phone in tandem to be released under both brands in different markets, though the email did not say which phone will go where.

OnePlus didn’t name the phones in the announcement, but they’re the phones rumored to be called the OnePlus Open and the Oppo Find N3.

Image: OnePlus / Oppo
The alert slider lives on.

GSMArena recently reported a rumor that the Oppo Find N3 will be a Chinese exclusive, while the OnePlus Open will get an international…

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