Trash Schedule Adjusted for Christmas and New Year’s Day Observances

Roll Cart Trash Schedule Adjusted for Christmas and New Year’s Day Observances

Attention all residents! Please take note of the adjusted trash schedule for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Day observances. The roll cart trash schedule has been modified to accommodate the holidays.

Senior Citizen Property Tax Credit/Freeze Information

Are you a senior citizen looking for information on the property tax credit/freeze? Look no further! Here’s everything you need to know:

Mayor Tishaura O. Jones Signs Senior Property Tax Freeze Bill

Great news for senior homeowners! Mayor Tishaura O. Jones has signed the Senior Property Tax Freeze Bill, providing much-needed relief to senior citizens in St. Louis. This puts St. Louis in line with other local governments in Missouri who have already implemented this legislation.

Mayor Tishaura O. Jones Hosts Senior Citizen Roundtable

In an effort to help St. Louis seniors, Mayor Tishaura O. Jones recently hosted a roundtable discussion and proposed a new property tax freeze legislation. This legislation, once finalized, will freeze property taxes for seniors starting at 2023 levels.

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