man getting shot

St. Louis Metro NewsWeek in Review

Monday, November 6

After a chilly Halloween, St. Louis is back to its warm and balmy weather. Mayor Tishaura Jones signs legislation to crack down on short-term rentals, and Anheuser-Busch InBev claims that 40% of Bud Light drinkers are willing to forgive the company for a recent controversial personalized beer can. Meanwhile, Spin magazine praises the city’s music scene, and Alderwoman Alisha Sonnier officially withdraws her homeless bill of rights.

Tuesday, November 7

In Los Angeles, the actors’ strike comes to an end with a new three-year deal. At a Republican presidential debate in Miami, Nikki Haley makes a controversial comment, and in Jefferson City, new Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ginger Gooch hears her first case.

Wednesday, November 8

The first feature film to be shot in Missouri in a long time, “On Fire,” begins filming at Saratoga Lanes, and the city is buzzing with excitement. Meanwhile, the House GOP stands by House Speaker Dean Plocher amidst controversy over double-billed expenses. A pro-Palestinian protest causes traffic delays in St. Louis County, and there is another unfortunate death of an elephant at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Thursday, November 9

A government shutdown looms, but new House Speaker Mike Parson is confident in his ability to bring everyone together. In local news, a pro-Palestinian student is ousted from his position as president of Saint Louis University’s student government.

Friday, November 10

Despite the looming shutdown, the Blues manage to beat the Avalanche 3-2. In Fenton, a road rage incident ends with a man getting shot.

Saturday, November 11

The city is abuzz with excitement as the Blues win and a new movie begins filming. However, a road rage incident in Fenton ends in violence.