Schlage’s new smart lever lock is designed to secure interior and other single-hole doors. Image: Schlage

Schlage has a new smart lock, but it’s not for your front door. The $309.99 Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Lever lock is coming this spring and is designed for doors with a single hole and no deadbolt. These include interior doors for a home office or a closet you want to keep locked, a shed door, or the door from a garage into your home — basically, any door that uses a simple lever / latch or knob system.

This isn’t a new category. Yale has had a smart lever lock for a while now, and has a version that works with Apple Home. Lockly has an option for $270 with a fingerprint reader, as does Ultraloq for $220 (although both of these require a separate Wi-Fi bridge and have a much more techie look to them).

Image: Schlage

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