Local Platte County businessman Scott Fricker has announced his campaign for Presiding Commissioner. A lifelong conservative, Fricker will appear on the Republican primary ballot on August 2nd. Upon his announcement, he received a joint letter of endorsement from current Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber, Commissioner Dagmar Wood, and former Commissioner John Elliott. The letter reads as follows:

“We appointed Scott to the Board of Equalization, the Platte County IDA Board, and the Platte County CARES Survive and Thrive small business advisory committee. Scott has shown his support of Platte County taxpayers in each position, and we believe he will hold the line against those who might try to roll back the conservative gains made the past six years, some of which are:

Not bailing out developers or their creditors by participating in the Zona Rosa parking garage bond payments
Selling Shiloh Springs golf course
Prioritizing public safety by splitting the 1/2 cent parks tax to 1/4 for parks and 1/4 for law enforcement
Reducing commission staff
Appointing conservatives to numerous board positions
Improving county roads and bridges
Conveying parks to municipalities that can better utilize them.”

“I am so honored to be endorsed by these incredible public servants who have consistently prioritized the needs of our community. I am dedicated to maintaining this record of conservative integrity within the Platte County Commission,” said Fricker.

As a local business owner, Fricker emphasizes the importance of Platte County’s family businesses and farms. He also points to fiscal responsibility and low taxes as vital ingredients for a strong local economy, as well as the importance of public safety.

“I am an economic conservative, because I believe that a strong local economy is the engine that drives prosperity, funds good schools, and allows for safe communities. To that end I support small businesses, family farmers, and the hard-working folks that grease that engine. I believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility, because that allows Platte County taxpayers to keep as much of their own money as possible. I believe in strong and well-funded law enforcement, and I’ll defend your civil liberties at every turn.”

Fricker holds a degree in Agricultural and Managerial Economics and enjoys investing in his community through coaching, gardening, and volunteering. Scott and his wife, Kelly, have been married for 22 years and have two sons.

Scott Fricker has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign. To learn more about Scott’s campaign, visit www.electfricker.com.

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