The Department of Public Safety Upgrades Dispatchers to Level Two

The Department of Public Safety has exciting news for the residents and visitors of St. Louis. After months of hard work and dedication, Public Safety Dispatchers level one are now participating in a crucial two-week training program to elevate their skills to level two. This mandatory training is a requirement within the first year of dispatcher training.

Delays in 911 Calls During Training Period

While we are thrilled to announce this upgrade, we would like to remind everyone that during this training period, there may be slight delays in the answering of 911 calls. We urge you to remain on the line and not hang up. Your call is important, and hanging up may result in further delays as you will need to call again and potentially wait longer. To minimize interruptions of services, overtime has been authorized for dispatchers during the training period.

Mayor Jones Commends Director Coyle for Reducing Response Times

In a statement, Mayor Tishaura O. Jones expressed her gratitude for Director Coyle and his team’s efforts in reducing response times for 911 calls. She believes that this latest round of training is another step towards ensuring that residents experiencing an emergency receive a quick response from first responders.

Director Coyle’s Strategic Initiatives Improve Emergency Response Services

Director Coyle’s strategic initiatives have been instrumental in moving the 911 system closer to national standards and improving the overall efficiency of emergency response services in St. Louis. Some notable achievements include:

Reduction in Hold Times: The city has significantly reduced the 911 hold times. In July of 2023, 56.9% of 911 calls were answered within 10 seconds; as of April of 2024, that number had improved to 84.4%.
Technological Upgrades: The Department has begun the process of upgrading the Computer Automated Dispatching (CAD) system to match both Fire and EMS. These upgrades are expected to be completed by 2026.
Staffing Enhancements: Since July of last year, the Department has increased staffing levels by hiring 34 Police, two Fire, and nine EMS dispatchers. Ongoing training has also been provided to ensure that dispatchers are well-prepared to handle emergencies efficiently.

New Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) Facility Under Construction

The Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) is a new facility currently under construction that will house all emergency dispatch operations, including police, fire, and EMS. This 17,000-square-foot building is designed to enhance emergency response efficiency by integrating all dispatch services under one roof.

We Appreciate Your Patience and Understanding

We understand that delays in emergency response services can be frustrating, but we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve our services. Our goal is to provide the best possible care and assistance to those in need, and we are committed to continuously improving our systems and processes. Thank you for your cooperation during this training period.