St. Louis Metro News – By Ryan Krull

On Wednesday, December 27, 2023 at 10:35 am, an Imperial woman who worked as a receptionist at Mercy Hospital South in south county was charged with felony stealing. The woman, Kelsi Haner, allegedly made unauthorized Cash App payments to herself from the account of a patient who had been declared legally incompetent. The victim, Karen Shelvy, passed away in August of last year, but the unauthorized payments occurred in March of the same year. Haner was employed at a doctor’s office located at the Mercy complex, where she met the victim. Another individual, Allen Dittmaier, also of Imperial, is facing a felony stealing charge for receiving unauthorized payments from the victim, although he does not appear to have been employed at the hospital. Both charges were filed on Friday.

According to police, Shelvy was admitted to the hospital in March of 2022 and was declared legally incompetent after an evaluation. About a week later, Shelvy seemingly gave Haner her power of attorney. Police say that there were numerous money transfers from Shelvy’s bank account to Haner’s, both through Cash App and online purchases. At one point, Shelvy’s account was frozen, and Haner and Dittmaier went with her to a U.S. Bank branch in St. Louis County to try to unfreeze it. An employee called the police, and when they arrived, Shelvy told officers that Haner and Dittmaier were stealing from her and that she wanted her money back. Haner claimed that the payments were for “helping” Shelvy, but did not specify what kind of help. She admitted to setting up the Cash App, initiating the transfers, and making online purchases from Shelvy’s account. Dittmaier also admitted to receiving payments from Shelvy’s account. In total, around $2,500 was stolen from Shelvy. Both Haner and Dittmaier have been summoned to appear in court next month.

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