St. Louis Snowplow vs. Car: Who Comes Out on Top?

When it comes to a snowplow and a car, it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win. But one St. Louis resident found out the hard way that you can’t always count on snowplows to clear your streets. In fact, they may even cause more harm than good.

Last year, on a snowy day just before Christmas, Mya Holliday was driving down St. Louis Avenue when she attempted to make a right turn onto Union. She had a green light, which in most cities would make the turn a breeze. But not in St. Louis. As she turned, a snowplow came barreling through a red light and collided with her car.

Attorney Ben Sansone shared the footage of the incident, which clearly shows the snowplow not even slowing down as it plows through the intersection. Holliday is now suing the City of St. Louis and the driver of the snowplow, Latisha O’Neal. Sansone filed the lawsuit on her behalf in St. Louis Circuit Court on February 1.

This incident serves as a reminder that St. Louis snowplows, like many other vehicles driven by St. Louis residents, cannot always be trusted. It’s a sad reality that is unfortunately confirmed by the video footage. So, stay safe out there, people!

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