A deal on a TCL 6-Series TV offers a whole lot of bang for the buck. Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, the only game that functions more akin to an annual holiday in the US than a mere sporting event. This means there are bound to be not only good prices on chips and dip at your local grocery store but also great deals on some of our favorite TVs.

Even if you don’t care one iota about the NFL or American football as a whole, or you only enjoy tuning in for the spectacle of the halftime show and all the cheesy commercials, there’s no reason not to save money on a new TV set when given the opportunity. So we’ve been on the lookout for 4K models with the best discounts that are worthy of your money — and not the junky, ultra-cheap ones many big-box retailers overhype at this time of year.

TCL 6-Series


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