Even toddlers are no match for Google’s new camera features. | Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

Until August 2021, my Google Photos library was basically a wall of cat photos. Then, a small human entered the picture, and you can see a distinct dividing line in my photographic priorities: one day it was Cat, the next day, Baby.

Many of the other parents I know have experienced the same phenomenon. And while cats aren’t the most willing photo subjects on earth, well, have you met a toddler? They are agents of chaos. This makes for a special kind of dilemma: you must photograph Baby because they are the cutest being to ever grace the planet, but they also refuse to sit still or stop moving for even one goddamn second while you take a picture.

Have you met a toddler? They are agents of chaos

This spurs you to take even more photos in…

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