A nurse draws blood from two people at an American Red Cross bloodmobile in Fullerton, California, on January 20th, 2022. | Photo by Paul Bersebach / MediaNews Group / Orange County Register via Getty Images

The American Red Cross has fully dropped its blood donor ban on men who’ve had sex with men (MSM) and, starting today, bases eligibility on individual risk factors, per updated FDA guidance. The nonprofit now asks blood donor hopefuls “the same eligibility questions regardless of gender or sexual orientation.”

While the Red Cross has removed limits specific to men who have sex with men, it will require a three-month waiting period for anyone “to donate blood from last anal sex contact.” The Red Cross will also continue to refuse donations from people who are HIV-positive, even if their viral load is undetectable. Look at the nonprofit’s full FAQ page for other disqualifying factors.

The FDA’s new policy was announced earlier this year,…

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