St. Louis Metro News reported on Monday, January 29, 2024 at 6:38 am that a traffic light on River Des Peres Boulevard, where it turns into Carondelet Boulevard, was knocked down. The incident occurred on April 1, 2023, when the traffic light at Morgan Ford Road and River Des Peres Boulevard fell onto a passing car. The driver, Milo Rankins, from the Carondelet neighborhood, has filed a lawsuit against the City of St. Louis, claiming that the city had a responsibility to maintain the intersection and be aware of the potential risk of falling traffic lights. Rankins, represented by attorney Ben Sansone, is seeking damages exceeding $25,000 for injuries and damages sustained in the accident.

The timing of the incident was particularly unfortunate, as Rankins’ vehicle was in motion at the time it was struck. He was driving south on Morgan Ford and making a right turn onto River Des Peres when the light fell onto his Kia Optima, shattering the back window and causing damage to the sunroof. Photos of the scene show the broken light at the joint where the pole meets the street, and a street sign knocked down perpendicular to Morgan Ford.

It is unclear what caused the light to break, but it is unlikely that the city was using inferior materials in its construction. It is possible that the light simply gave out after being ignored by St. Louis drivers for too long. The incident serves as a reminder to always be aware of potential hazards on the road.