, It’s early, but Trey Lance seems to be on the correct path in terms of reaching his potential for the Niners this season.,

San Francisco 49ers

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Jimmy Garoppolo out, Trey Lance in.

And with the switch being official, the hype around the San Francisco 49ers second-year quarterback, with just two starts under his belt, is at an all-time high.

Current players like third-year wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk and Pro Bowler Deebo Samuel, and former 49er greats like Jerry Rice and Steve Young, have heaped praise on Lance before the season has even begun.

This week, Aiyuk said that with Lance under center, the 49er offense is “going to be a little bit more explosive,” and earlier this offseason, Samuel said, “I think Trey will be a superstar in this league.” 

Last month, Rice said “the sky’s the limit” for Lance.

Nick Wright appears to be sold on the future QB of the 49ers, too, as he explained on Friday’s “First Things First.”

“This Niners team is ready to win right now,” Wright said. “Do we expect the Niners to make the playoffs? Yes. Do we expect Trey Lance to get better as the year moves on? Yes. Do we know the Niners are good enough to make a playoff run with mediocre, if not below-average, quarterback play? Yes. 

“So, once you’re in the Super Bowl, which the 49ers absolutely could be, could Trey Lance have a great Super Bowl? Of course, he could.”

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