The Blues’ Revamped Bottom Six: Faster and More Skilled Than Ever

In a bold move to improve their third and fourth lines, the Blues have made some major changes. With the addition of Alexandre Texier from Columbus and Mathieu Joseph from Ottawa, as well as re-signing Kasperi Kapanen, the Blues have completely remade their bottom six. And according to Blues general manager Doug Armstrong, the objective was clear: to become a faster team.

The Blues have always been known for their physicality and grit, but now they are adding speed and skill to the mix. With the lanky and speedy Alexey Toropchenko already on the team, the Blues are now boasting a bottom six that is filled with above average skaters on the wings.

“We wanted to get to be a faster team,” Armstrong stated confidently. And with the new additions and re-signings, it looks like the Blues have achieved just that. The revamped bottom six is sure to give opponents a run for their money with their speed and skill on the ice.

Texier and Joseph bring a wealth of talent and experience to the Blues, while Kapanen’s re-signing solidifies his place on the team and adds even more speed to the lineup. And with Toropchenko’s impressive skills, the Blues are looking like a force to be reckoned with.

The Blues’ objective was clear and they have certainly delivered. With a faster and more skilled bottom six, the Blues are ready to take on the competition and make their mark in the league. Fans can’t wait to see the new and improved Blues in action on the ice.