, “World Cup Now” analysts Cobi Jones, Sacha Kljestan and Jimmy Conrad tried to find a Man of the Match for Thursday’s Uruguay-South Korea game.,

FIFA World Cup 2022

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Uruguay and South Korea battled to the fourth scoreless draw of the 2022 FIFA World Cup at Education City Stadium on Thursday. That’s three more scoreless draws than what we had in the 2018 FIFA World Cup – and we’re just in the first leg of group play. 

As both teams fought to earn a point each in Group H, “World Cup Now” analysts Cobi Jones, Sacha Kljestan and Jimmy Conrad tried their best to find a Man of the Match in a game that saw just one shot on goal. 

Cobi: The final five minutes of the match

There was no person that stood out for me. For me, the Man of the Match was the last five minutes. That’s when it got exciting. That’s when you started to get a little bit of chaos and action. Up until that point it was … eh?

Sacha: Almost Federico Valverde, but not quite

Had that shot by Federico Valverde gone in that banged off the Upper V in the [89th minute], he would’ve been the Man of the Match and he would’ve been the guy we would be talking about. I highlighted him before the game but he looked tired. 

He’s played a lot of games for Real Madrid. Like Cobi said, these teams haven’t had the typical three-to-four weeks of preparation going into a World Cup that everyone usually has going into a summer World Cup. He looked a little tired in the end. He didn’t look his usual self, who’s covering ground like crazy, who’s picking up the ball and dribbling it through midfield. He was OK. If that goal had gone in, it would’ve been fantastic for all of us. But, unfortunately, it didn’t. 

Conrad: The people who watched all 90 minutes

You’re the real heroes out there. That was – that was really tough to get through. You probably should be thanking Uruguay for making it difficult to watch. It’s just what they do. And usually, they have success with it, but today wasn’t that day. But 0-0 is what they got and now there’s two more games to play for and try to get into the next round. 

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