The trend of corporate philanthropy is on an uptick in the last decade because customers are actively seeking to shop with companies that give back to not only their community, but worldwide.  Tom’s Shoes gained quite a bit of notoriety for developing the One-For-One movement by donating a pair of shoes for every pair they sell.  Others have been inspired by this, including myself, leading me to found an insurance brokerage to donate 50% of our agent revenue to charities in our clients’ communities.

Blake Mycoskie created a world-class business by harnessing the powerful giving spirit of his customers.  His was the first national philanthropy campaign my generation saw that allowed consumers to control how great of donations were made on their behalf.  He didn’t wait until he was wealthy to begin giving back.  He did it from Day 1, and that is largely the reason we adopted and championed his cause.  My first goal is to donate $500,000 in the first next five years, and we have designs on developing our own charitable organizations to have a more hands-on approach to large-scale benevolence.  It will be difficult, but nothing worth doing is easy.  With your help, we will get the word out, and the donations will begin to flow.

Share this message and help see the movement succeed and spread across the country!  What a tremendous feeling of satisfaction you will feel knowing that you helped make this possible.

Best regards,

J. Patrick Devereux  (314) 283-2138  @donate50percent