St. Louis Bridal Shops

Planning a wedding and researching St. Louis bridal shops is something that every woman cherishes and looks forward to! Starting a very young age, girls start to vision their wedding day, their wedding cake, and choosing there bridal gown with their girlfriends at one the finest St. Louis Bridal Shops. Todays bride has numerous options when it comes to shopping for their wedding gown, and it starts by choosing from the right St. Louis Bridal Shops.

With so many St.Louis bridal shops offering their services, and numerous St. Louis bridal shops to choose it is often difficult for the brides to see the differences between them. No need to fret, we have done some research on many of the St. Louis bridal shops and put together this overview. See below for our overview of the different types of St. Louis bridal shops and the benefits and downside of each.




Types of St. Louis Bridal Shops 

Chain Stores-Amongst the choices of St. Louis bridal shops, you will come across the “chain store”. These will have multiple locations and usually carry gowns at a lower price than other St. Louis Bridal Shops, which is a great benefit for the budget conscience bride. However she may not have many options when looking for a unique gown as a “chain store” offers a limited selection of styles to choose from compared to other St. Louis bridal shops. In addition the cost of alterations at a “chain store” may be considerably higher than those of its competitors.

Full-Service Bridal Salon-The full-service St. Louis bridal shops offer countless services to the bride including attire for the bride and bridal party, shoes, accessories, jewelry, invitations and more. Brides will greatly benefit from shopping at a full-service St. Louis bridal shops as its prices are competitive and it is a one-stop-shop for all of the bride’s needs. The downside to shopping at one of the full-service St. Louis bridal shops is the availability of the staff. Many St. Louis bridal shops limit the number of brides that they help per week so getting an appointment in the time frame that a bride needs may be a challenge.

Department Stores-Alot of St. Louis bridal shops are located within a department store. The benefit of shopping at a department store is that brides are not limited to a specific location. For instance if she loves a gown that is housed in a department store but it isn’t her size she may be able to purchase it from one of the sister stores. The downside to shopping at a department store is the level of customer service. Oppositie from other St. Louis bridal shops, the staff is generally not trained in the wedding industry and therefore cannot offer the expertise as those working in an independent bridal salon.

Couture Stores-For the fashion forward bride shopping at a couture store is a great benefit as they carry exclusive designer labels and they can custom-design a gown based on the bride’s unique personality and style. The downside to shopping at one of St. Louis bridal shops Couture Stores is the overall costs involved as it is usually higher than those of its competitors.

St. Louis bridal shops

Discount Stores-In today’s economy every bride is trying to save money especially when planning her wedding. Choosing a discount store over other St. Louis bridal shops can be a great benefit to the bride on a tight budget as they carry gowns that are affordable and can be purchased right off the rack. The downside to shopping at a discount store is the limited selection of gowns to choose from.

On-line Stores– Some brides opt out of the local St. Louis bridal shops and go online for their needs. On-line stores are a great benefit to the bride with a tight schedule as she can shop any time during the day or night. The downside to shopping on-line is the inability to try the gown on, the measurements are hard to determine, and the bride isn’t offered one-on-one customer service making it difficult to find the gown of her dreams.

It’s imperative that brides begin shopping for St. Louis bridal shops to find their wedding gown as soon as a wedding date is set, but no later than 9 months prior to the wedding. This will give her enough time to find the dress of her dreams and make any necessary alteration appointments.

St. Louis bridal shops