St. Louis Minimum WageST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- A push to increase the minimum wage gains support from St. Louis leaders including Mayor Francis Slay. Right now, the min wage across missouri is $7.65 an hour. If Mayor Slay`s proposal is approved, the minimum wage would more than double five years from now.

This proposal, which will be reviewed by the Board of Aldermen, would immediate increase the minimum wage to $10.  Then, every year it would increase by $1.25 until it reaches $15 by the year 2020. Small business who employ 15 people or less would be exempt.

Supporters say this would be an economic boost for the city and its residents, helping to alleviate poverty. But some worry the minimum wage increase, on top of the city`s 1 percent earnings tax, could incentivize businesses to leave downtown. This is because the increase only applies to the City of St. Louis, not the county.

It`s a progressive proposal that echoes recent wage increases in other cities. Seattle approved an increase that will reach $15 per hour. San Francisco and Chicago have also increased the minimum wage in their cities.