Today, STL begins the 2023 STL Airline Livery Madness Bracket Challenge. The initial bracket consists of 16 planes that flew through STL in the past year. Our own selection committee sorted through a collection of more than 100 photos to whittle it down to our starting bracket of 16. We invite STL passengers, customers and the public to cast their vote for their favorite livery throughout the tournament.

The complete schedule for STL’s tournament is as follows:

(Tuesday) 3-14-2023 (3 p.m.) – Initial release of STL’s Airline Livery Madness Bracket (Tuesday) 3-21-2023 (3 p.m.) – Release of the Quarterfinal Bracket (Tuesday) 3-28-2023 (3 p.m.) – Release of the Final Four Bracket (Friday) 3-31-2023 (3 p.m.) – Release of the Championship Bracket as our Photo of the Week posting (Monday) 4-3-2023 (3 p.m.) – STL crowns its Champion

The direct link to our Survey Legend site is

The airlines making up the bracket are: Lufthansa, Sun Country, American, Southwest, United, Frontier, National, Alaska and Air Canada.

Any and all are invited to play.

Terminal 1 Region

1 Lufthansa Fanhansa vs. 8 Sun Country – 40 Years 2 United Friend Ship vs. 7 Frontier Fredrick 3 American Eagle retro vs. 6 Lufthansa Yellow/Old Logo 4 American AirCal vs. 5 Southwest Missouri One

Terminal 2 Region

1 Continental Skystreamer vs. 8 National Airlines 2 Southwest Illinois One vs. 7 Alaska Kraken 3 Southwest Arizona One vs. 6 Air Canada Frosted Leaf   4 Alaska Orca vs. 5 American Reno Read More